About Us

Skatescool Tauranga was created by Kazna Bedford in August 2015 with an idea thanks to Skatescool Whangarei, a vision, and a few pairs of skates!

Kazna started skating as a child and doing Ice skating classes in 1999, her Grandfather was a figure skater in Tauranga in the early 1950’s too so you could say it's in her blood. She has passed on her love of skating to her 4 children and they are all very much involved in the logistics and the dream that is Skatescool Tauranga.

Together the crew at Skatescool love all kinds of skating and try to give them all a go and really wish to see all forms of skating promoted and supported in the Bay of Plenty.

Our goal in our new venue is to really grow all roller sports and encourage more recreational skaters as well. 

Skatescool has an ever growing and very dedicated team. We are happy to assist you with all your skating needs.

Pierre And Kazna
Ben, Olivia, Tamara and Caydence
Andrea Bedford
Quad Squad
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