If you don’t have skates, you can hire inline or roller skates (quads) from us when you come to our discos or classes. It is best to start with our hire skates and buy your own after a few weeks or months.

We sell some skates through this site/via email and some are listed on Trade Me under Skatescool Tauranga as we had so much trouble finding decent skates to buy in NZ.

Below are a few of our best sellers.

If you hesitate between Inline and Quads, here is what we think. A skater is a skater – Once you can skate it doesn’t matter what you wear – they are all equally enjoyable as long as they are good quality and it’s your personal choice. Often skaters like to have a different pair for all occasions! And skating is quite addictive - I warn you now!

Generally you want to consider: The shoe must be comfortable, we recommend laces rather than the bindings that can become brittle and break, unlike laces which you can easily replace. The frame must be made out of a material that will not squeeze the wheels when tightening (inline) or prevent the wheel from spinning freely.

The bearings must be of good quality too, there are different ratings based on the ABEC Scale (from 1 to 11 – odd numbers only – the higher the better) but also bear in mind the quality of the steel used, which is also important. The wheels are made of polyurethane and their hardness is measured on the A scale (78A-97A -the higher the harder the wheel). Softer wheels are more grippy. Diameters vary from 59mm to 125mm (the bigger the wheel the faster it can go but you compromise on maneuverability).

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or wish to order a pair. I can also order in most things if you have a special request so please dont hesitate to ask!

Full view of Avanti Artistic Skate
Price: $369.00
Full view of Boot Covers
Price: $15.00
Full view of Comets
Price: $149.00
Full view of Powerslide Swell 125mm
Price: $599.00
Full view of Roller Disco Skates
Price: $199.00
Full view of Skate Bag
Price: $12.00
Full view of Sure Grip Artistic Fame
Price: $269.00
Full view of Sure Grip Cyclone
Price: $259.00
Full view of Sure Grip GT50
Price: $269.00
Full view of Tan Skating Tights
Price: $25.00
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