Adult Classes

Absolute beginners welcome – Skates and protective padding provided but bring a helmet if you wish.  Skaters in this class are welcome to stay on for the public session using their vip card for only $5 to practice.

Come early to get laced and warmed up ready to start on time.

Bring a friend or two and come for a laugh.

Skating is the best all round exercise and it is so much fun!

Check out the 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Skating and read hows its 4x safer than playing Basketball or riding a bike.

$149 per term.

Adults Skate Classes at 2 Roxanne Place, Poike.

  •    Teen/Adults Beginner - Intermediate Friday 6-7pm

Water bottle and comfortable clothing a must. 45 minute classes with 15 minute warm down/ free skate at the end.

Members of all Skatescool classes receive a Vip cards which entitles them to half price entry to any disco so they can practice.

Term 4 - 14 Oct - 14 Dec

Sign up for the classes here.

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