Buying Skates

If you don’t have skates, you can hire inline or roller skates (quads) from us when you come to our discos or classes. 

We sell skates through this site/via email and some are listed on Trade Me under Skatescool Tauranga as we had so much trouble finding decent skates to buy in NZ.

If you hesitate between Inline and Quads, here is what we think. A skater is a skater – Once you can skate it doesn’t matter what you wear – they are all equally enjoyable as long as they are good quality and it’s your personal choice. Often skaters like to have a different pair for all occasions! And skating is quite addictive - we warn you now!

Generally you want to consider: The shoe must be comfortable, we recommend laces rather than the bindings that can become brittle and break, unlike laces which you can easily replace. The bearings must be of good quality too, there are different ratings based on the ABEC Scale (from 1 to 11 the higher the better) but also bear in mind the quality of the steel used, which is also important. The wheels are made of polyurethane and their hardness is measured on the A scale (78A-97A -the higher the harder the wheel). Softer wheels are more grippy. Diameters vary from 59mm to 125mm (the bigger the wheel the faster it can go but you compromise on maneuverability).

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or wish to order a pair. We can also order in most things if you have a special request so please don't hesitate to ask!

We have many more styles - Visit us in store at 2 Roxanne Place, Tauranga to view.

Chaya Unicorn - $159    NOW $135 ***

Unicorn Skate - designed with style and comfort in mind ! Every little girl will want a pair of these! 
Outsole Material: PP Hard
Height Boot: 21cm (40)
Innershoe: Built in Liner / Textile
Innersole: Thin EVA Innersole
Color: White / Rainbow
Plate: Aja - Glass-fiber reinforced plastic
Mounting: Standard Mounting
Trucks: Glass-fiber reinforced plastic
Cushions: PU-Cushions 92A, 17mm Barrel, 12mm Cone
Wheel: Octo Paseo Kids, 54mm x 38mm, 80A
Bearings: WCD Wicked Bearings/608 Standard/ ABEC 7
Stopper: Classic Round Pink
Available in sizes 34-38
34 =21.1 cm 
35 = 21.7 cm
36= 22.5 cm
37=23.3 cm
38=24.0 cm

Groove  $159  NOW $135 ***

The PlayLife Groove is a perfect pair of roller skates for kids. They are styled as a pair of 70's retro roller skates. The Groove have a mid-cut ankle support and is made of a mix of PU leather and mesh. The plate is a lightweight PU mounted with aluminum trucks. The 80A wheels make these skates great for outdoor use.
Shell: PU Leather
Closures: Top Velcro Strap, and Laces
Cuff: Flexible, Mid-cut
Liners: Not Removable, Breathable Mesh
Frame: Plastic, Composite
Wheels: PU, 58x39mm 80A
Bearings: Wicked ABEC5
Sizes 32-37
32 - 21 cm
33 - 21.5 cm
34 - 22 cm
35 - 22.6 cm
36 - 23.3 cm
37 - 24.0 cm
38 - 24.7cm

Celebrity Art - $219

The ideal beginner artistic Skate!
This classic, high white boot features modern lines and professional appointments. From it’s composite plate with adjustable toe stop, right down to it’s slimline artistic wheels - this skate is all class.
To complement it’s beauty with strength, the Celebrity Art boasts a durable vinyl boot, metal lace hooks, double reinforced eyelets, 6 point plate fixing, metal trucks, steel kingpins, fibre reinforced skate plate and counter reinforcement for extra ankle support. The geometry and rigidity of this skates design, provides a superior action - Giving a smooth, powerful glide and making challenging manoeuvres a breeze.

Galaxy Plate
Boost Adjustable Toe Stop
Signature 60x32mm Wheels
New Classic Style Boot with two tone outsole
ABEC 3 Bearings
Padded Style Boot with Support

Sizes 33-41
33 - 21.5 cm
34 - 22 cm
35 - 22.6 cm
36 - 23.3 cm
37 - 24.0 cm
38 - 24.7cm
39 - 26 cm
40 - 26.6cm
41 - 27.3 cm

Disco Roller - $199

The classic white Disco Roller guarantees to turn heads with glitter wheels, glitter rainbow laces, glitter toe stops and a colorful LED Star inlaid into the boots. One push of a button and your skates will make you the center of attention, wherever you are! The motion activated LED flashing star on each boot, operates whenever you are moving and provides 500+ hours of flashing fun! A push button switch in the center of the star easily turns your lights off to preserve your battery.
The Disco Roller is perfectly suited to indoor and outdoor skating and features a strong aluminium skate plate with wide and stable trucks. The boot is comfortably padded and made with durable, supportive vinyl material. The Disco Roller comes standard with ABEC 7 Chrome Speed Bearings and indoor/outdoor wheels, so you can get your roll on anywhere, anytime!
Classic "High White" Retro Boot Styling
5 x LED Light-Up Disco Star on each Skate (Pink,Blue,Green,Purple,White) with 500+ hours Battery Life (Motion Activated)
Rainbow Glitter Laces
58x32mm Glitter Urethane Wheels
ABEC 7 Full Precision Bearings
Glitter Urethane Toe Stopper, not Plastic
Sizes 30-42
30 - 19.7cm
31 - 20.3cm
32 - 21 cm
33 - 21.5 cm
34 - 22 cm
35 - 22.6 cm
36 - 23.3 cm
37 - 24.0 cm
38 - 24.7cm
39 - 26 cm
40 - 26.6cm
41 - 27.3 cm
42 - 28cm

Sure Grip Fame $319

A fantastic beginner skate for anyone serious about learning artistic skating.

Vinyl boot with super strong nylon plate, metal trucks, ABEC 5 bearings, and Fame wheels.
Available in black or white boot. Include ROCK plate with carrera toe stop and 57mm Sure-Grip Fame wheels.
Choice of wheel colours are white, teal, purple, red or pink. 95a or 97a
1- 21 cm
2- 21.8 cm
3- 22.8 cm
4- 23.4 cm
5- 24.2 cm
6- 25 cm
7- 25.9 cm
8- 26.6 cm
9 - 27.4 cm
10- 28.3 cm
11- 29.2 cm
12- 29.9 cm

Rocket - $159

The ROCKET by Crazy Skates™ is a trusted, performance skate perfect for young beginner skaters! Comfortable, stable and totally functional. Rockets have been designed to give a young child the best possible start when they are learning to skate. The ROCKET performs and skates like a real roller skate - not a toy, at a very competitive price. Skate with even more comfort and style than ever before.
True Performance Beginner/Entry Level Skates
ABEC 3 Full Precision Bearings
60x37mm Signature Quality Urethane Wheels with Speed Hub
Lined Boot with Comfort Padded Collar - Very Comfortable
Urethane Toe Stopper, not Plastic
Sizes 28-38
28 – 18.5cm
29 – 19.1cm
30 – 19.7cm
31- 20.3cm
32 - 21 cm
33 - 21.5 cm
34 - 22 cm
35 - 22.6 cm
36 - 23.3 cm
37 - 24.0 cm
38 - 24.7cm

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