Kids Classes

After school skating classes for absolute beginners and intermediate/advanced skaters. Builds confidence, improves balance and co-ordination. We have 12 levels to achieve over time from the basics up to a high level of competitive artistic skating. First, we teach the children to be safe on skates, how to fall and get up safely. We have lots of skills, drills and games to push them to the next level. Children are encouraged to have their own skates but are available to hire for an additional $30 per term if required. Please ensure they have skates on ready to start on time and that they have a water bottle and suitable clothing or a leotard on. Members of all Skatescool classes receive a VIP card which entitles them to half price entry to any disco so they can practice.

Time Table - Term One 2021 



Beginner Level 1 Tuesday 3.45-4.45

Beginner Level 2 Tuesday 4.45-5.45

Beginner Level 1,2 and 3 Tuesday 5.45-6.45

Beginner Level 3 Class Friday 3.45-4.45

Beginners Level 1, 2 and 3. Saturday 11.30-12.30


Intermediate Level 4 Class Monday 4.45-5.45

Intermediate Level 5 Class Thursday 3.45-4.45

Intermediate Level 5 + 6 Class Wednesday 4.45-5.45


Advanced Level 6 + 7 Class Monday 5.45-6.45

Vip Hour All ages Tuesday 6.45-7.45 (All students welcome)

Flexibility/Off Skates Jumps Class Sunday 4-5pm


Adults/teen Beginner Class Wednesday 6.45-7.45pm

Intermediate Adults/Teen Class Wednesday 7.30-8.30pm


Novice Dance Thursday 6.45-7.15 / Solo Dance Thursday 7.15-8.15

Figures Monday 7.45-8.45pm

Lil Lilacs - Beg Comp Class Monday Precision 3.45-4.45 / Lil' Lilacs Freeskating Wednesday 3.45-4.45

 Mauve it! Competition Mauve It! Precision Wednesday 5.45-6.45 / Thursday Freestyle class 5.45-5.45 

Royal Rollers - Freeskating - Monday 6.45-7.45pm / Royal Rollers - Precision - Friday 5.45-6.45pm

Purple Reign -  Purple Reign - Freestyle Class Thursday 4.45-5.45 / Precision Class Friday 4.45-5.45

Competition Independent Training Sunday 3-5pm

Prices $165 per term.

Term - 9 February- 17 April

Skate hire $30 per term.

All classes at 2 Roxanne Place, Poike, Tauranga 3112.

Testimonies from our Facebook page: "My two girls are just loving Kazna's skating classes, and are constantly surprising themselves with how much they're improving from one week to the next. Kazna has a great manner with kids, and my daughters adore her" Amanda Crowther

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