Date Posted
24th Jun 2019

Beginner Competition 22 June 2019

Such an amazing day was had by all and so many winners! Eveyone who participated did so well and I wish I could have given you all a gold medal! Thank you to all our mums and dads and grandparents and all the whanau that were there to support and encourage us - it really means a lot and we couldn't have done any of this without you all!

Heres a list of our placings


Brinae Duo, Olivia Duo, Olivia Figures 3, Amber Best Glide, Tiani Figures 1, Jemma Figures 1,Emma Freestyle 3,Hannah Best Glide, Navaeh Dance 3, Arabella Freestyle 3, Arabella Best Shoot the Duck, Jo Best shoot the duck and best Glide, Ane Best Shoot the Duck, Loretta Freestyle 2, Jo Figures 3, Ane Figures 2, Jo Dance 3, Estelle Freestyle 1.


Brinae Figures 3, Amber Dance 3, Amber Figures 3, Amber Best Shoot the Duck, Tiani Freestyle 2, Tiani Dance 3, Tiani Best Glide, Katie Dance 1, Navaeh Duo, Hayley Best Glide, Jaydene Duo, Hannah Shoot the Duck, Chloe Freestyle 2, Ane Freestyle 3, Willow Figures 2.


Olivia Best Shoot the Duck and best Glide, Amber Freestyle 3, Caitlyn Best Shoot the Duck, Emma Figures 3, Jemma Freestyle 2, Hannah Duo, Jemma Best Glide, Hayley Figures 2, Loretta Figures 2, Loretta Dance 3, Tiana Duo.

Absolutely Amazing - Well done team!

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