Date Posted
7th Jul 2021

Laurie Hastie Cup Palmerston North May 2021


24 medals

Purple Reign ~ 1st Open Mini Precision

Royal Rollers ~1st Open Precision

Caitlyn ~1st Novice 2 Solo Dance

Jinna ~1st Novice 1 Free

Scarlett ~1st Beg 2 Free

Sunwoo ~2nd Novice 2 Free

Grace ~ 2nd Beg 2 Free

Brinae ~ 3rd Minis Freeskating

Jaydene ~3rd Espoir Freeskating

Emma D ~ 3rd Cadet Freeskating

Kazna ~3rd Advanced Masters Figures

Emma B ~ 3rd Prelim Solo Dance

Jenny ~3rd Masters Style Dance

Katie ~3rd Novice 1 Free

Emily B ~ 1st Advanced Freedance ~2nd Novice 2 Solo Dance

Isabelle ~1st Tots Freeskating ~ 1st Novice 1 Solo Dance ~1st Beg 1Figures

Amy ~ 2nd Masters Free ~ 1st Adult solo dance ~ 2nd Advanced Masters Figures

Sarah ~ 2nd Senior Figures ~1st Senior Freeskating 

These are very impressive results however they were so many gains and personal bests, and important lessons learnt at this competition that aren't represented by medals so it is important that we also recognise these. So super proud of each and every one of our skaters! Special thanks again to our amazing coaches - you really have no idea how difficult and draining these weekends can be. So much love for Sarah, Amy and Lisa  - You all deserve a giant cup!

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