Date Posted
24th Sep 2015

Roll your own way

Looking for a wheelie good time after school? Skatescool Tauranga has just the answer for you!

An hour-long, after-school skating session has been established in town to get primary age children out and active once class is dismissed, instead of turning to electronic devices.

Organiser Kazna Bedford says children aged five-to-13 are encouraged to come along and have a go, whether its inline or quad skates they prefer – and if you're unsure, then Kazna has plenty of pairs for hire.

“I have four children and just trying to find something that fits into family life, that doesn't involve the TV or technology, is a real plus for me,” she says.

“It's so easy to do – you can have a pair in the back seat of your car, ready to go, and can go anywhere. It's really accessible and a lot of fun.”

Eventually, Kazna plans to hold old-school roller discos for the whole family, so kids and parents alike can give skating a go.

“There's a lot of adults who have great memories and haven't done it in years,” adds Kanza.

“It's a great way to do family things together, with cool music, and an opportunity to have a boogie and play games.”

To register for the classes, or for more information email: or call: 021 118 0513.

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