Skatescool Tauranga was created by Kazna in August 2015 with an idea thanks to Skatescool Whangarei, a vision, and a few pairs of roller skates.

Kazna started skating as a child and doing Ice skating classes in 1999, her Grandfather was a figure skater in Tauranga in the early 1950s too so you could say it's in her blood. Kazna and husband Pierre have shared their love of skating with their 7 children. It really is a family-run business, and even those not related by blood soon catch the buzz and join the family.

Together the crew at Skatescool Tauranga love all kinds of skating and wish to see all forms of skating promoted and supported in the Bay of Plenty.

We love to create a fun and safe home away from home for people to share the joy of roller skating.

  • Kazna and Pierre De Roles

    Kazna and Pierre are the owners of Skatescool Tauranga. They both share a love for skating and a dream of helping others learn to skate.

  • Quad Squad

    Our Quad Squad share our passion for skating and are here to help you on your skate journey.