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Comet Lites Roller Derby Brand
Sizes:     12-5
LIGHTED WHEELS make this skate truly exciting and fun. It’s a fantastic skate with all the benefits of comfort, speed and grip but skating with lighted wheels makes skating a whole NEW experience!
Perfect entry level recreational skate for roller discos and outdoor skating.
Boot has a comfortable speed profile low cut with padded collar, and a velcro power strap for a snug fit. Polymer chassis with fixed toe stop.
Lighted wheels, 54mm PU with 608ZB bearings.

Available in Blue/Silver or Purple

Junior 12 (18.5cm)
Junior 13 (19.5cm)
Junior 1 (20.5cm)
Junior 2 (21.5cm)
Junior 3 (22.5cm)
Junior 4 (23.5cm)
Junior 5 (24.5cm)

Great beginner skate, perfect for birthday or Christmas present!

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