Glide Unicorn

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Unicorn Skate - designed with style and comfort in mind ! Every little girl will want a pair of these! Limited stock so place your order now.

Outsole Material: PP Hard

Height Boot: 21cm (40)

Innershoe: Built in Liner / Textile

Innersole: Thin EVA Innersole

Color: White / Rainbow

Plate: Aja  - Glass-fiber reinforced plastic 

Mounting: Standard Mounting

Trucks: Glass-fiber reinforced plastic 

Cushions: PU-Cushions 92A, 17mm Barrel, 12mm Cone

Wheel: Octo Paseo Kids,  54mm x 38mm, 80A

Bearings: WCD Wicked Bearings/608 Standard/ ABEC 7

Stopper: Classic Round Pink

32 = 19.2 cm

33 = 20.6 cm

34 = 21.1cm

35 = 21.7 cm

36 = 22.5 cm

37 = 23.3cm

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